The state government has planned a drastic reduction in basic floor space index (FSI) for commercial, mixed use and industrial plots in unified development control regulations (DCR). FSI of big residential plots will also come down to some extent.

The state’s urban development department has issued notification for unified DCR recently.

Time period of one month is being given for suggestions and objections. In the unified DCR, basic FSI for commercial (non-residential) is kept at 1.25 for all municipal corporations excluding Mumbai, municipal councils and municipal panchayats.

At present, the basic FSI for commercial is 2.5 for all parts of the city. Thus, the basic FSI will come down by 50%. The same will happen in Amravati, Akola and Chandrapur municipal corporations.

There is no mention of premium FSI and loading of transferable development rights (TDR) on commercial plots in the notification. Currently, the basic FSI for mixed uses (residential and commercial) is 2. It will be reduced to 1.1 in unified DCR and will come at par with residential FSI.

Basic FSI for residential is 1 for plots below 1,000 sqm and 1.25 for plots above 1,000sqm in non-congested areas. It will be reduced to 1.1 which gives a slight advantage to small plots and setback to big plots.

Premium FSI of 0.3 to 0.5 and TDR of 0.4 to 1.4 is proposed for residential and mixed use which is already existing in current system. The notification has no mention about basic FSI for residential and mixed uses in congested areas in the city. The same is mentioned for Pune and Nashik municipal corporations.

At present, basic FSI is 1.5 in the city. For industrial plots, basic FSI is kept at 1.1 whereas it is 1 in congested and 2.5 in non-congested areas at present in the city. Basic FSI for all types of uses in Nagpur metropolitan region is untouched (1.1). Premium FSI is 0.3 and TDR loading is 0.4 to 1.4.


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