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We also provide expert and professional advice in terms of construction finance, project management, preparation of techno economic feasibility studies, asset management and for purpose of carrying out various valuation of immovable property for various purposes. Creative Valuers and Engineers is an extremely professional and enterprising establishment holding perfect balance of knowledge, experience and resources. We are driven by experienced and qualified engineers and Finance Experts who are well accomplished in their fields. We use modern equipment’s aligned with latest software technology for Valuation and Revaluation of properties and fixed assets. This helps us to determine honest market value of your asset. We provide substantial professional support and services, Services that are increasingly sought-after, and are especially favourable in competitive commercial property markets. With progressive skills and experience in expediting to meet these growing requirements especially within the accounting, tax, insurance and asset management fields of business. We harness the track record, updated market knowledge, and experience, to help you with right terms.

CreativeValuers- Property Valuation Company about us

We are legally competent valuers, licesned surveyors,Chartered Engineers and are a certified Member of Institute of Valuers, Chartered Engineer, Member, Institution of Engineers.

Creative Valuers & Engineers has potentially always provided an exposition considering all the tangible and intangible factors determining valuation of property to its customers. We never have compromised on quality, punctuality and precision.