Corporate Property Solution

Asset Management offers a structured approach in handling real estate assets considering all the factors that accompanies investing in real estate. We offer various services wherein a property purchased or secured by our clients, if it is in construction/renovation stage, we monitor & update you on monthly basis the status of your property in terms of construction phases, quality, specification, time, cost, etc.

For every investment timing is the important same is with the Real Estate, we offer a service wherein we advise according to the area chosen by which property to be purchased, considering the Master Plan, Municipal Plan, Builder Capability, previous track record, Area expected Appreciation, which can make your decision a “life time decision”. We not only provide the facts, but also interpret what the numbers mean and how they measure up against priorities. We undertake Techno-Economic Feasibility, Highest and Best Use Studies, Investment Analysis, etc.

We are equipped to handle any nature, scale and range of requirement with deep insight into legal aspects – governmental, municipal, development authority norms. Also we are geared and committed to carry out accurate market analysis and prepare exhaustive report within specified time.